It's in the Details... 

Margo Rouge, details is an accessory design and detailing company missoned to be different while making a difference.  Inspired by the individuality & beauty of each person's soul, Margo Rouge finds bliss in empowering persons to shine as brightly on the outside as they do on the inside. 

Designs Reflecting Beautiful Souls.

We detail... well, almost anything.
  1. Clutch Bouquets
    Clutch Bouquets
    Bouquets for wedding parties. A unique, useful and breath-taking way to add creativity to a often, common and expected wedding party detail.
  2. Custom Accessories
    Custom Accessories
    Check your calendar, it's likely you have something exciting coming up that could use some detailing. We'll make sure our detailing will make your look memorable.
  3. Designer Accents
    Designer Accents
    Details that accent your look with an edge of beauty.
  4. Bangled Clutches
    Bangled Clutches
    We use bangles to decorate clutches and so much more - you can never really have too many bangles, let us show you.
  5. Event Decor
    Event Decor
    Special even decorations and details. It's in the little things, right? And yet there's seldom time for you to get caught up in those small things... allow us, we'll focus on every little detail and make it great.
  6. Home Decor
    Home Decor
    Updating a room, looking for some edge or pop - we can detail it to accomplish just about anything.
  7. Common Accessories
    Common Accessories
    We are prepared to take your most common, favorite items and add excitement with details.
  8. Weddings
    Whether it's a card box, table decor or the invitations for your shower - detailing is our thing and we can't wait to add dimension through our custom details.
What is Bliss?
A cancer awareness campaign designed for you to recognize beautiful souls.
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Detailing the World

That's right, we're determined to detail the world.

That means we're ready to detail the tangible things and also decorate beautiful souls in the process, let's get started.
Where Did Margo Rouge Come From?
Where did “Margo Rouge” come from: Somehow life has a way of working itself out. The mother who gave me life reflected an unmatchable faith and passed away too young. That life event brought my God-mother (Rouge), God-father & Grandmother to the forefront… ready & willing to get us through. My father held strong to raise his family right (now a “Papa” to eight grandchildren), with strength and determination to weather the storm. A few years later, a crazy young soul, not even old enough to know what she was getting herself into – entered the picture and became a rock to our family and who I know as mom. She (Margo) jumped in to watch me grow, give me wings, (try to clip them only a few times!), motivate, empower, welcome, love, challenge and inspire me. Thus, with my family by my side - I’ve grown up with crazy incredible blessings, crazy empowering individuals who continue to amaze me in their strength and their decision to: LIVE fully, LIVE beautifully, LIVE blessed. Circumstances, inspirations - YOU… changed me for the better, CHANGED ME FOR GOOD.

And that was where it started… by paying attention to the details in life has brought different perspective to my world… a world I share with you through the unique detailing in Margo Rouge. My God and His details created this love and passion I feel for one’s  soul.
Margo Rouge was an idea
It's in the small things, it's in the details - right? That's when the idea blossomed, detailing the world and decorating beautiful souls.
Bliss was born...
Since its start, we have gifted more than 2,000 care packages to those affected by cancer.

A Bit About Heather Voss - Owner/Designer: With my list of passions including: God, my best-friend (most call him David), my babes, family, friends, inspirations, intentions & decisions, I work hard keeping life "real". I have been brought up blessed; feeling love surround me with faith at the forefront of my foundation.

I grew up in the small town of Valders, where knowing everything about everyone was both the blessing to the parents and the bummer to the children, but the values of doing right and keeping safe was at the top of the neighborhood's list! While growing up, my Dad, step"mom" ("Margo"), sisters, my God-parents (one of which, "Rouge"), grandparents & one particular cousin were the foundation of my defining beautiful souls. They always found a way to support my "flair" for style and somehow, I convinced my longest-lasting best-friends to jump on my band-wagon of "creating trends" as well. That said, here we are today...all still inspiring me!

I attended the University of WI, Stevens Point and later graduated from the University of WI, Eau Claire with a major in Organizational Communication. During that time, I met the coolest guy I know (my hubby) and began my career in HR. Soon after, we moved back "home" to continue our careers and moved forward with our passions. As our family grew, my husband's career allowed for me to be part of our babes' lives daily. Throughout this "mom" journey, I continue to meet incredible souls who inspire me like crazy! With the assistance from my family, including in-laws as much, I'm blessed to bring my focus back to what matters most, my passions and finding ways of giving back.

Because of all this, I do believe I have been changed for the better, I HAVE BEEN CHANGED FOR GOOD.


Bliss Became Our Main Focus
Don't get me wrong, we enjoy detailing... a lot! But in the past year, our focus has been dedicated to the Bliss movement and sharing it locally and beyond.
The Margo Rouge Mission:
To design accessories which reflect beautiful souls.
Vision Statements:
  • Kissed: “I want to be kissed by you and nobody else but you…” Marilyn Monroe
  • Humble: “Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.” Camille Pissarro
  • Soul: “Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul.” Wayne Dyer
  • Intent: “Measure the intent, not the result.” Mary (Margo)
  • Reflect: “Reflect upon your present blessings of which every man has many – not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some.” Charles Dickens
  • Possible: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself spells ‘I’m possible’.” Audrey Hepburn
  • Bliss: “The mere beauty of JOYfilled giving is in itself.” Heather Voss
  • Difference: “Giving back is the essential part in making a difference" Margo Rouge.